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Information about the coach

Taranjeet, with an overall experience of 18 years as a clinical nutritionist, has been helping clients to achieve their weight and health goals. Since last 9 years with the Metabolic Balance program, she has helped people with heart diseases, cholesterol issues, hypertension, digestive troubles, hormonal imbalances and various chronic concerns reach their health goals and gain better quality of life.

Before Aktivhealth, she worked as a nutrition counsellor at Apollo clinics ( New Delhi) for 8 years. Apart from counselling and managing the weight of my clients, she worked in numerous on field projects which included:

  • Conducting group education sessions at schools for students and parents
  • Was a part of  the government organization "Stree Shakti" wherein she educated the lower income residents  of the community about good & affordable nutrition.
  • Appeared in TV show "Sehatnama"- a DD Urdu Channel presentation, wherein she took part in 14 episodes.

As a Trainer:

Aktivhealth is also the Indian headquarter for the Metabolic Balance program. Mrs Kaur imparts training to the Indian nutritionists & doctors keen to become a part of the international community of Metabolic Balance Consultants.

Professional Affiliations:

  • IDA ( Indian Dietetic Association)- Life Member
  • NSI ( Nutrition Society of India)- Life Member
  • ADE (All India Association of Diabetes Educators)- Life Member

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