Your uniqueness is our speciality

Metabolic Balance has been scientifically proven to be one of the most successful and effective scientific nutrition programs available. One key factor contributing to our success lies in the high degree of individualization. By incorporating scientifically proven nutrition principles, Metabolic Balance tailors’ dietary plans to each person's specific needs, ensuring a personalized and effective approach to health and wellness.

“Everybody is (and eats) unlike any other.” This means that you certainly have certain preferences in your diet (with or without meat and fish, with or without dairy products, aversion to certain foods, etc.). But are these instinctive and intuitive preferences or are they learned from experience or habit?

Every body has individual needs

You may have allergies, food intolerances or other ailments that need to be considered in a nutrition plan, such as gluten intolerance, milk protein allergy or diabetes. Or perhaps you don’t like onions or zuccini? How useful is a nutrition plan which contains foods that are healthy but ones you don't want to eat? On the other hand would you like to know if your dislike of broccoli is actually because it isn't the right vegetable for you anyway?

During your personal consultation, all this information flows into your individual medical history, the holistic collection of your personal data (age, height, gender) and any existing illnesses and complaints. Your consultant must also know all about the medications you take. 

The metabolically-relevant laboratory parameters from your blood analysis are then evaluated by Metabolic Balance together with the complete questionnaire, after which you receive your individual computer-generated nutrition plan.

We won’t leave you on your own!

On your journey to a balanced metabolism, we’ll take you by the hand, and accompany you through the different phases of the program towards health and weight regulation. Your consultant will explain exactly how everything works in a personal conversation and will also talk to you during the various phases about how you can manage  and adapt to the new change in your eating routines.

They will have individual advice and gain valuable tips for you. They will become well-versed in the your program.

During your personal consultations, you’ll appreciate the successes that have already been achieved, such as weight loss, improved sleep, better skin and the potential alleviation of existing metabolic complaints. 

It’s so much easier to achieve goals together.

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