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Neha Aggarwal's worked at Max hospital has experienced both IPD & OPD. Eventually she has started her clinic 2012 and consulted various clients among various cities as well as abroad. She has experienced with various metabolic disorders diet plans specially Thyroid, PCOS, Diabetes, obesity, kids obesity, hypertension, kidney diseases, liver disease, treated her clients through a balanced diet or therapeutic diets which made them disease free or pills free. Clients gave up their years of medications through her diet plans.

She also did freelancing or nutrition wellness awareness programs among RWA societies, schools, colleges, corporates.

She is certified German nutrition Metabolic Balance Coach. She counsels her clients with the aim to make them disease free and many clients improved their medical reports through metabolic balance diet, their metabolic disease as well as weight loss.



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About Neha Aggarwal Metabolic Balance Coach India

She has done in nutrition from Delhi University and DDPHN Diploma in dietetics and public health nutrition from the same. She is certified Metabolic Balance Coach since 2019 as well as Sports nutritionist.

She is self employed consultant dietician experience in her field since 2012 on various therapeutic diets or metabolic disorders.

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