Caroline's Black Bean Taco sauce

This is an excellent recipe which be easily scaled up for making a big batch and storing for busy days. It is also excellent for the whole family to enjoy as it can served in multiple different ways to suit everyone.

This recipe is great from phase 2 with oils onwards and especially good for all the family to enjoy together. In phase 2, enjoy the black bean taco sauce wrapped in large lettuce leaves. From phase 3 onwards or for the rest of the family you could serve in corn taco shells or wraps with shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes and sour cream.

We recommend storing in sterile glass jars that have been vacuum sealed. Store prepared jars in the fridge and use within one month The quantities below can be multiplied up to create as big a batch as you'd like to make. 

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Kangaroo idea from Metabolic Balance ANZ

Kangaroo fillet with a broccoli dust

Kangaroo is a highly nutritious lean meat which has an excellent protein and fat ratio. Here's a recipe for a tasty dinner that's easily multiplied up for serving the family.

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What we love

There are so many wonderful things about Metabolic Balance and working with couples is probably in the top three. Becoming healthy together is such a brilliant way of reconnecting and falling in love with each other again.

Too often in society, stress and ill health takes in toll on relationships. When we feel tired, bloated, are in pain, feel unattractive, we can lose the vital spark that is so important in relationships. People become snappy and impatient with each other. Feelings get hurt because partners might say something from frustration that then gets blown up. Long term relationships need regularly nurturing and attention. This can seem really hard to do when you're just not feeling good almost all of the time!

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